5th Annual Ardmore Olympics

Scorch the Torch says,
            "LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.  Registration begins at 12:30.

        Come support our Students!

What is the Ardmore Olympics event?
The Ardmore Olympics is the main Ardmore PTSA fundraiser of the 2016-2017 school  year.  This event funds all PTSA events and programs for the remainder of the year.  It is a great way to kick off the new school year while celebrating the diversity that makes up our school.  Students gather sponsor donations upfront and then compete in student-style Olympic events on Saturday, September 24th.  Ardmore students compete in the events but families are encouraged to come and cheer them on.

How do the Olympics work?        
Every Ardmore student is invited to participate! Registration opens at 12:30pm.  All students will walk with their class in the Opening Ceremony at 1:00pm and then compete in events of their choice.  We will wrap up with final awards being given at 4:00pm.  There are solo events, partner events and team events.  Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in many events.  We will have a splash booth, lots of games, popcorn, Peak's frozen yogurt, and much more.   

What can students win?
All Ardmore students are eligible to win awards and prizes based upon participation and funds raised: 
  • Placement Medals:   Awarded to students for winning designated medal events.
  • Extra Recess for the Whole School:  If 80% of students participate in fundraising, the whole school will get an extra recess. 
  • Classroom Party:  The class with the highest participation will be treated to a party of their choice. 
  • Automatic Splash Blasts:  Students who raise at least $100 will be able to blast 3 Ardmore staff members in the Olympics splash booth.  Do you want to blast Mr. Miller, Dr. Ewing or possibly your teacher? How about all THREE?  Now is your chance! 
  • Water Balloons:  Two extra water balloons will be given to students who raise $75 or more to throw at staff at the end of the Olympics. 
  • Hall of Fame Membership:  Students who raise at least $50 will be immortalized on our Ardmore Hall of Fame wall.  Bring in your pledges early!
  • Free Popcorn: Students who raise at least $25 will receive a special refillable popcorn container at the event and can refill it all day for free. 
  • Olympics T-Shirt:  Awarded to ALL Ardmore students who come to the games on Sept. 24th.
How much money will we raise?
Our goal is at least $20,000!  The Bellevue School District does not cover everything that families value.  Ardmore PTSA pays for a variety of things with our fundraising efforts.  Last year we were able to fund field trips for every grade.  We hosted our popular multicultural night and talent show, a science assembly, The Toymaker, and field day.  We provided funds to every classroom teacher and most specialists for student enrichment.  We paid for the Eagle folders and directories.  We helped with intervention materials for students in crisis.  ALL of these things are important to our students and families.  Please do what you can to help.
We will not be asking your student to sell any wrapping paper, cookies, or magazines.  This is the only time that your student is going to be raising funds to support their school via Ardmore PTSA.
How do students collect funds? 
Students will ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them in the Ardmore Olympics.  Funds will be collected up front.  Pledges can be made by cash, checks (payable to Ardmore PTSA), or online at the Ardmore PTSA PayPal account via the button below. If donors choose the online option, be sure to have them list the student’s name in the “notes to seller” field so we can be sure to credit your student: 
Students:  Please go door-to door only with an adult. You can be creative when asking for sponsors.  Some students have asked out of town family to sponsor them via the online option.  Some students have asked their parent(s)' co-workers to sponsor them.  One student made cookies and sold them at his mom’s employer to earn funds.  Another family held a lemonade stand.  Hard work pays off.  Support the school that supports you.
What about corporate matching?
If your sponsors have an employer that offers corporate matching, please have them double their donation!  Corporate matches are not counted towards prize eligibility but they do make a huge impact.  Encourage your donors to request their matching funds right away before they forget about it.  Our non-profit organization is Ardmore Elementary PTSA 2.3.5.  Every dollar counts towards enriching activities and items for all Ardmore students.
How do students turn in pledges?
Students are encouraged to turn in pledges early to qualify for prizes.  Pledge forms and donations
should be sealed in this packet and turned in at the office by Friday, September 23rd.  Please complete the label with your student’s name and teacher name.  Late pledges will be eligible for awards through Friday, September 30th.  Pledges received after that date are welcomed, but not counted towards and prizes.  Turn yours in early!  Extra forms will be available in the office.
What if I still have questions?
If you have additional questions, you can e-mail the team at:  ardmoreolympics@gmail.com.  You may also call/text Liz Mereckis at (206) 940-4998.

QUESTIONS: Contact ardmoreolympics@gmail.com

Thank you to the community sponsors who have already donated for 2016-2017!

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