Posted on March 1st, 2017

At the February 28 General Meeting, the PTSA community met to vote on several financial measures that impact the rest of the school year. PTSA members approved these items:
Increases to existing budgets or committees:
  • $10,000 for teacher grants to cover field trips and specialist needs such as new library books
  • $1,500 to the Science Fair budget to cover student materials, educational vendors and demos
  • $1,000 for PTSA diversity groups - $500 each for the Indian and Latino parent groups
  • $800 to add to Ardmore’s Family Connections Center discretionary budget
  • $500 added for the Family Fun Nights budget
New investments:
  • $5,000 to support teachers’ needs for classroom supplies and instructional materials
  • $4,000 to the Family Connections Center for critical help to Ardmore families in need
  • $4,000 to subsidize the cost of yearbooks for students
How are all of these investments possible? Over a series of several years, members of the PTSA have built up a modest surplus of budget through tireless fundraising efforts, especially the annual Ardmore Olympics event.  Paired with very careful spending, the board now finds itself with enough funds to make some incremental investments this year.

Thank you to all of the amazing parents, teachers, and students who worked to take Ardmore’s PTSA funds from nearly $0 a few years ago to a surplus today! Your work makes it possible for Ardmore to invest in our kids and teachers in a way that's above and beyond.

Posted on January 13th, 2017

Did you know that Ardmore is one of the smallest elementary schools in the Bellevue School District? It’s true! But it’s sometimes hard to believe when you see everything going on in these hallways. So far in the 2016-17 school year, we’ve had huge attendance and great participation from students and parents alike at the Ardmore Olympics, Winter Musical, Walk to School Day, Family Fun Night, and more.
Through the PTSA, we’ve also established Indian and Latino parents groups and funded multiple field trips, more books for the library, more supplies for the Art program, and school pictures to name a few. Our PTSA has also been recognized this year by the Bellevue PTSA Council for creative communications and outreach to our parent community.
Ardmore may be small…but we’re mighty!
Get ready to ride the Eagle momentum into a busy February, when the Ardmore staff and PTSA will host our next round of events and also provide more grants to support our teachers, library, and overall school needs. We want parents’ input on these decisions – so please join us!
Save the date for these February events:
  • Multicultural Night:   Watch Eagle Mail and the Facebook group for details (Feb. 3)
  • PTSA General Meeting:   Vote on budget, Nominating Committee, and new grants & expenditures (Feb. 7)
  • Kindergarten Information Night:  Let your neighbors with rising kindergarteners know – registration begins soon! (Feb. 8)
  • Parent University:  Helping your child with Math, including our keynote educator, breakouts by grade level, activities and games you can do at home  (Feb. 16)
As we kick off 2017, we’d like to thank our incredible PTSA and Ardmore teachers and staff for a highly successful school year to date. Now, let’s keep flyin’ in February and beyond as we look forward to Science Fair, Talent Show, and more in the second half of the year.

As Mr. Miller would say:  See y’all around Ardmore!

Posted on September 5th, 2016

Hi, Ardmore parents! With the start of school, we wanted to let you know what your PTSA has been up to this summer.
After sending a survey and gathering parent feedback, we formed our first set of committees, starting with Back to School, Olympics, and others that needed to start right away. You can find a list of current committees and leaders (as well as PTSA officers and contact information) on our website at
We held our first board meeting in August and elected our first set of board members. Our board members are the committee chairs plus our principal Mr. Miller and assistant principal Dr. Ewing. We intend to add more people to the board throughout the year, as we form more committees.
Also, we’ve put together a public OneNote notebook so that anyone can always see what we’re up to. You’ll find agendas and minutes for board meetings, list of committees and chairs, upcoming proposals, etc.
Getting involved is easy:
  • Board meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at Ardmore.
  • Our first General meeting is on October 11, where we’ll form our next set of committees based on parents’ ideas, input, and availability to help. 
I look forward to working with you this year!
JJ Cadiz, PTSA President

Posted on May 4th, 2016

​Hello Ardmore Families!

It’s that time of the year to nominate yourself or someone you know for the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) executive board. Ardmore’s PTSA plays an integral role in your child’s school experience at almost every level: your child’s classroom (by providing red eagle folders and additional classroom supplies), school experience (i.e. the buddy bench at recess, funding fieldtrips, organizing field day…etc), communication between school and home (i.e. weekly eagle mail, newsletter), afterschool activities, and community events (i.e. family fun nights). Join the dynamic team that makes your child’s school experience more inclusive, positive and fun!   

The nominating committee is interested in filling co-positons (meaning 2 people) for each of the 4 executive board positions below:

President - The President is the spokesperson for the PTSA, and presides at all meetings. The President communicates all information about PTSA’s purpose and programs, and communicates with all committees about current programs.

Vice-President - The Vice President’s duty is to support and assist the President in all above-mentioned activities.

Secretary - The Secretary’s role is to write meeting minutes/notes, maintain a print copy of the minutes in a binder, keep track of motions/decisions made at meetings, and keep a roster of members (the membership chair will enter member information online).

Treasurer - The Treasurer’s duties are to present a budget to the membership (the board works together to create the budget), maintain financial records (using an online banking program), deposit and record funds received in the PTSA bank account, present a report (generated by the online program) to the board every month, and submit the books to the budget committee to do a financial review.

No prior experience with the PTSA is needed to be considered for an executive board position; however, you do need to be a PTSA member by May 9th to be considered in the upcoming election. When you turn in your nomination form, please make sure you turn in your PTSA membership form as well (if you haven’t done so already this year). The current PTSA board will be available next year to mentor incoming board members. Again, no prior history is needed to become an executive board member, just the desire to make positive change in our children’s school community! 

Nomination forms will be coming home with students via the red eagle folder this week. It will also be attached to this email. Printed copies of the nomination forms and PTSA membership forms will also be available in the school lobby, just inside the front entrance doors. Please turn in all completed forms to the front office (attention Nominating Committee). Upon turning in your nomination form, the nominating committee will contact you shortly to meet and discuss the reasons you want to be on the board, and to provide information about the position you are interested in. The nominating committee will make final recommendations for each of the open board positions. There will be a general election June 9th, where the nominating committee’s recommendation will be voted on. For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the members of the nominating committee: Ligia Calvo at, Sheryl Elrod at, and Jane Liaw-Gray at

Thanks for your support in ensuring the continued excellence of our children’s school experience!
Estimadas familias de Ardmore:

                Es tiempo de nominarse ustedes mismos o nominar a alguien que conozcan para la Junta Directiva de la Asociación de Padres, Maestros y Estudiantes (PTSA).  La PTSA de Ardmore juega un rol integral en la experiencia de sus hijos en la escuela en casi todos los niveles: En el salón de clases (al proveer folders rojos Eagle y suministros adicionales para la clase), en la experiencia escolar (“buddy bench” en receso, proporcionando fondos para excursiones, organizando field day, etc.), en la comunicación entre la escuela y el hogar (con el correo Eagle semanal, el boletín mensual), actividades extracurriculares y eventos para la comunidad  (como family fun night).  Únanse al dinámico equipo que hace que la experiencia escolar de sus hijos sea más inclusiva, positiva y divertida.

El Comité de Nominaciones está interesado en llenar co-posiciones (que significa tener dos personas) para cada uno de los cuatro cargos de la Junta Directiva descritos a continuación:

Presidente – El Presidente es el portavoz de PTSA y preside todas las reuniones.  El Presidente comunica toda la información acerca del propósito y programas de PTSA y se comunica con todos los comités acerca de todos los programas actuales.

Vice-Presidente – La labor del Vice-Presidente es apoyar y ayudar al Presidente en todas las actividades mencionadas arriba.

Secretario – El rol del secretario es escribir minutas y notas de las reuniones, mantener una copia impresa de las minutas en un cartapacio, llevar registro de las mociones y decisiones realizadas en las reuniones y mantener una lista de los miembros (el encargado de membresías ingresará la información de las membresías en línea).

Tesorero – Las responsabilidades del tesorero son presentar un presupuesto a los miembros (la Junta trabaja para crear el presupuesto), mantiene registros oficiales (usando un programa de banca en línea), depositar y registrar fondos recibidos en la cuenta de banco de PTSA, presenta un reporte (generado por el programa en línea) a la Junta cada mes y somete los libros al comité del presupuesto para que hagan una revisión financiera.

                No se requiere experiencia previa con la PTSA para ser considerado para un cargo en la Junta Directiva; sin embargo, necesitan ser miembros antes del 9 de mayo para ser considerados en las próximas elecciones.  Cuando entreguen su forma para nominar, por favor asegúrense de entregar también su forma de membresía de PTSA si no lo han hecho durante este año.  La actual Junta Directiva estará disponible el próximo año para capacitar a los miembros entrantes de la junta.  Una vez más, no es necesario tener experiencia para convertirse en un miembro de la junta, sólo es necesario tener el deseo de hacer un cambio positivo en la comunidad escolar de sus hijos.

Las formas para nominar estarán llegando a casa en el folder rojo Eagle esta semana.  También está adjunta a este correo.  Copias impresas de las formas para nominar y formas para membresía de PTSA estarán también disponibles en la oficina de la escuela.   Por favor retorne todas las formas completas a la oficina con atención al Comité de Nominaciones. 

Después de entregar su forma para nominar, el comité les contactará para reunirse y platicar
de las razones por las que quiere ser parte de la junta directiva y para proveer información acerca de la posición en la cual están interesados.  El comité de nominaciones hará sus recomendaciones finales para cada uno de los cargos disponibles.  Habrá una elección general el 9 de junio para las recomendaciones del comité de nominaciones.  Si tienen preguntas, por favor no duden en comunicarse con los miembros del comité de nominaciones: Ligia Calvo,, Sheryl Elrod,  y Jane Liaw-Gray,

​¡Gracias por su apoyo al asegurar la continua excelencia de la experiencia escolar de nuestros hijos!

Posted on August 19th, 2015

Passing on text from an email from Principal Chas Miller:  

Hi Wonderful Ardmore Families!  I hope you had a restful and relaxing summer!
The start of the new school year is quickly approaching so I wanted to send you some important information:

Taking Care of Business Day - On August 27th from 2-4pm we will conduct or Taking Care of Business (TCB) Day at Ardmore.  The event will be held in the office, gym, and on the playground area.  Burgers and hot dogs will be served, and families can socialize on the playground areas throughout the event.  From 2-3pm parents will be able to get class lists, PTSA information, and other school information.  Myself and Chris Jones will be in attendance to meet-and-greet families.  From 3-4 pm, 4th/5th Grade families will have an opportunity to create their Classroom Binders and Kindergarten families will be able to acclimate their children to transportation by exploring the bus.  (The bus loads the kids and takes a short trip around the block then comes back to school).  Please note that parents will not be able to visit classrooms during this time (teachers will be busy getting their classrooms organized after a week of professional development).  I am working on getting transportation set up for this event – I will send out a phone message early next week to alert parents if we are able to provide transportation from select locations for TCB Day.  Spanish translators will be available at TCB Day.

Teacher Assignments will be given out at TCB Day.  If you cannot attend TCB Day, your assignment will be mailed to you.

The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 1st. 

Curriculum Night for KINDERGARTEN will be held on September 8th from 6:30-7:30am

Curriculum Night for GRADES 1-5 will be held on September 29th from 6:30-7:30am

The school supply list is here

If you have questions, feel free let know!  I look forward to seeing everyone soon!  :) 

Chas Miller - Principal 

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