2018-2019 Ardmore PTSA Board Members
Here, you'll find this year's elected officers, board members, and committee chairs. Want to get involved?
We'd love to have you!  It's easy to join the Ardmore PTSA
Anna Brinck - ardmore1ptsa@gmail.com

Vice Presidents
Mariko Rose, Rogelio Carrasco

Alex D'Angelo

Gwen Hennessy

Priya Srinivasa events@ardmoreelementary.org

Gwen Hennessy

Nicolle Fuller

Andrew White andrew@vivalibre.com

Teacher and Staff Liaison
Sarah Kimble

Marianna Sarbandi

Financial Review
JJ Cadiz, Terri Ziacik

Ardmore Administration PTSA members
Dr. Anne Reece, Principal
Emily Whitten, Assistant Principal

How do PTSA meetings work?

PTSA Board meetings are business meetings where the officers and board members conduct official business. All parents are welcome to attend, but only Board members may vote.
When:  First Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.
Where:  Ardmore library

PTSA General meetings include updates from the PTSA as well as business that the entire PTSA must vote on, such as electing officers or approving the general budget.
All are welcome and encouraged to attend, but only PTSA members may vote.
When:  Three times per year; watch Eagle Mail for details
Where:  Ardmore gymnasium  

Back to School

Walk to School Day
Theresa Boyd, Janine Thorn

School Photos and Yearbook
Carrie VanRosmalen

Teacher and Staff Appreciation
Mariko Rose

Eagle Mail
Gwen Hennessy

Translation and Family Services
Ligia G Calvo de Anleu

Science Fair 

Anti-Bullying and Diversity Workgroup Chair