Ardmore Elementary School PTSA
Science Fair Project Timeline
Don't wait until the last minute! ​

Here is a suggested timeline for students to follow as they work on their science fair project. It spreads the effort out over a reasonable amount of time, so students can work a little bit each week. This timeline will vary depending on the experiment involved with each project.
Students should plan ahead and adjust their own timeline accordingly.
Week 1 (March 20-24)
· Choose topic or problem to investigate 
· Check resources in school or community library, internet
· Read gathered information
· Write question, materials, hypothesis/claim
Week 2 (March 27-31)
· Complete your background research
· Gather materials
· Plan/write experimental procedure 
​· Start conducting experiment and keep notes in a log
Week 3 (April 3-7)
· Begin planning display and visual aids 
· Take photographs if needed 
· Continue experiments, taking notes on what happens


Week 4 (April 17-21)
· Write result and conclusion 
· Have an adult help you edit your draft for spelling and punctuation 

Week 5 (April 24-28)
· Write or type final copy of project 
· Include: Question, Materials, Hypothesis/Claim, Experimental Procedure (including Variables), Evidence (Data, Results), Conclusion/Reasoning 
· Draw pictures, charts or graphs to show your data 

Week 6 (May 1-5)
· Attach final copy to display board or poster 
· Add pictures or charts if you have them 
· Set up display at home and practice explaining your project and answering questions!


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