March PTSA General Meeting Call

Ardmore School Coranovirus Updates PTSA General Meeting Call – March 23rd School has been canceled from March 13th-March 27th. For all of the up to date Bellevue School District information on Coranovirus, please see here:   In light of the current events and school closure, the Ardmore PTSA is extremely concerned for the well-being of […]

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Ardmore School News, December 2019: Library: Thanks to our wonderful students, parents, and community, the Ardmore Scholastic Book Fair was the MOST successful Ardmore Book Fair.  We sold over 650 books, which means Ardmore School will receive over $800 in books, and still have Scholastic dollars to use to purchase books/materials throughout the rest of […]

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hands apple volunteer


PTSA Nominating Committee: Attention to all of our wonderful Ardmore parent volunteers: Ardmore PTSA needs 3 parent/community volunteers to help us find next year’s PTSA Executive Board members. As you may know, the PTSA, and all of the events and grants it supports, cannot exist without a secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. The nominating […]

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Kids Corner October art

October Kids Corner Gallery

October’s Theme was “Creepy Critters” Thanks to Owen (1st grade) for his minecraft spiders fighting real spiders across boats, for Vanya’s (2nd grade) Creepy Critter poetic story about monsters, Navya’s creative creature drawing (Kindergarten), Naomi’s (4th grade) 3-page graphic novel, and Wrenna’s (4th-grade) colorful Halloween animals.

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Keep up with the PTSA

Have you ever wondered what the PTSA is up to? Did you know that you can find find information about the PTSA budget, projects, and more in the Ardmore PTSA notebook? See Ardmore PTSA OneDrive for details.

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Rainy Day Dinner Club

Each week, students learn basic cooking skills while making dinner for their family! Students will create delicious dishes focusing on the importance of local ingredients, scratch cooking, and natural preservatives while practicing knife skills and kitchen safety. For more information, see Vegetarian options available on request. All meals are free of nuts, but may include foods […]

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