Ardmore Teachers and Staff Photos

Have you forgotten what your Ardmore teachers look like already? Just kidding, we know that’s not possible, but if you miss them and want to see them, click on the photo below for the full gallery. The photo below has our core teachers, but not ALL the other teachers and staff that help you learn.  […]

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Ardmore School News, December 2019: Library: Thanks to our wonderful students, parents, and community, the Ardmore Scholastic Book Fair was the MOST successful Ardmore Book Fair.  We sold over 650 books, which means Ardmore School will receive over $800 in books, and still have Scholastic dollars to use to purchase books/materials throughout the rest of […]

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December 2019, Ardmore Volunteer Needs: ASPIRE Breakthrough Teacher Program, Volunteers Needed- A group of 2nd, 4th and 5th grade Ardmore teachers are piloting project-based learning with students this winter and spring in a program called ASPIRE to Breakthrough. An idea from New Zealand, it aims to harness student interests and allow them to direct their […]

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